Eradan Ranger of the North

Eradan is the Ranger class, he is a Dúnedain. (From Elvish dún-adan, meaning Man of the West or Númenorean.) He is the most adaptable playable character and is adept at using any weapon. He can use a two handed sword, dual wield weapons, use a bow or a sword and shield. Eradan also has access to many stealth abilities which allow him to sneak up on enemies to attack them. He can also find hidden ranger stashes that contain extra items.

Farin the Champion of Erebor

Farin is the Champion class, he hails from Erebor He is best described as the warrior character but he can use his crossbow and simply focus on using it to take enemies from afar. Out of all the characters, Farin is the most skilled in using melee weapons and he has many multiple skills to attack multiple enemies at once. If he learns the ability "War-Cry", he can boost himself and his companions, as well as damaging enemies and reviving. He can also mine for gems.

Andriel the Lore-master of Imladris

Andriel is the Elven Loremaster class who has been taught by Elrond. She hails from Rivendell. She uses magic as her defence and offense but can dual wield a one handed weapon with her staff which she can also use to melee attack enemies with. Her abilities include offensive spells and supportive spells but she also has melee abilities and can be leveled up to be a "Battle Mage" if the player wishes. She also has the ability to create potions from alchemy ingredients that the player may find. She can also find hidden rooms with her magic which contain treasure chests.


Agandaur is the main enemy in the North, and Sauron's chief captain in the North. He directs Sauron's legions in the North while Sauron himself is focused on the war in the South. Agandaur himself has many allies, from orc to stone-giant to dragon. Agandaur is a black Numenorean, an evil race of men loyal to Sauron. The black Numenorean captain began his conquest of the North when he claimed the ancient fortress of Carn Dum (the capital of Angmar of old, and the Witch King's old personnel fortress) and the gathering of orcs and goblins at Fornost. He met with the Witch King at Sarn Ford to exchange information and to state that he would be joining in the hunt for the Halfling (Frodo). He then left to prepare his forces at Fornost. His forces at Fornost would have proven significent if they joined the hunt for Frodo if the Fellowship of three (Eradan, Andriel and Farin) hadn't stopped them. They and the sons of Elrond (Elladen and Elrohir) drove Agandaur to the top of the tallest tower, and he fled on the back of a fell-beast. Agandaur later turned the stone-giant Bagrisar rouge. The evil black Numenorean then gathered forces at Mount Gundabad, and attempted to make an alliance with the dragon Urgost. Agandaur promised Urgost the Dwarf hold of Nordinbad, and thus sent a large army against it.

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