Bargrisar is a renegade stone-giant. He was cast out of the stone-giant regime, and so grew a wicked sense of mind. He later fled to the Ettenmoors to seek refuge. Bargrisar was later sought out by Agandaur, who helped him make an ally of the orcs, goblins and trolls among the Ettenmoors. The evil creatures there alone could not be a major threat, but if led by a strong leader such as Bargrisar, they could become a serious threat. Agandaur's mission was to arouse the orcs of the mountains at places like Mount Gundabad, Fornost and Carn Dum, but couldn't be in multiple places at once. Orcs and goblins weren't a threat whithout a strong leader. So, Bargrisar proved to be a great ally. With a host of orcs and trolls at his disposal, Bargrisar led them into his old home, the Misty Mountains. Bargrisar attacked the Great Eagles at their airies, killing many defenceless hatchlings (baby Eagles). Thus, a war sparked between the Great Eagles and Bargrisar the stone-giant. Before Gwaihir (the Lord of the Great Eagles) could gather his strength, Bargrisar fled. The other stone-giants did not claim responsibility for Bargrisar, and so did not provide him with any help or a refuge. Bargrisar fled back to the Ettenmoors and gathered more orcs and trolls to his cause. This was the time when Gandalf the wizard traveled through here, only to find no trolls at all. Disturbed by this, he informed Lord Elrond, and later sent the Three Companions (Eradan, Andriel and Farin) to scout the area. When there, they met up with the Eagle Beleram, who was sent by Lord Gwaihir to also scout the area for Bargrisar. They then teamed up to find Bargrisar, who they realized "was a threat to all". The Three Companions soon found him, and battled him. They couldn't reach his head or body, as he is a giant, and so hacked and slashed his legs, which was also the weaker point of his whole body. As his legs weakened, he fell to the ground, trying to get back up, but the Three Companions proved relentless, and contineud to hack at his legs. Soon, he could take no more, and fell to the ground, seemingly dead. But with one last ounce of effort, he stood back up, and raised his fists to crush the Three Companions, but Beleram soared in and finished him, killing him with his sharp talons.

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