Anar is a dwarf from Nordinbad. He was raised there, and grew a love for the lake, Azan-zaram. Anar was also a member of the Nordinbad Guard. So, when Gorin gathered a raiding party to attck Mount Gundabad, Anar couldn't resist, even though he knew he wasn't coming back. Anar joined the party, being led by his captain, Bruni, and the son of the lord of Nordinbad, Nordri. When the party arrived at Mount Gundabad, they searched for the passageway high bulit into the mountain itself. They stealthily climped onto the pass, the Alpine Pass. They continued on the pass, fighting the orc patrols that stood in their way. The party soon found the door to the pass into the mountain, but it was more heavily guarded than the rest of the path. A short skirmish followed, but they managed to slay to orcs. But when the passed through the doors, a bigger battle ensured. Though Anar is a old, tough and hardy veteran, he was brought down. As he was about to lead the charge through the first chamber, several archers apeared, and fired arrows and bolts at him. With no shield to defend him, the arrows punchered his body, but didn't kill him instantly. He was left to die in the chamber with the rest of the raiding party moving on through the chamber. He couldn't do anything but wait for an orc to show up and finish him. But an orc didn't come. The Fellowship of the North (Eradan, Andriel and Farin) showed up instead, searching for Agandaur. With his last breathes, he pleaded with the Fellowship to search for Nordri and aid the remaining dwarves in Mount Gundabad. He mentioned Agandaur, and Nordinbad, but died before he could tell them of his knowledge of Nordinbad and Agandaur.